Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Happy Heely Days...!

O kay so there are just 12 more days left until Christmas, it's just soooo exciting...!

A few people already know that this has got to be my favourite time of the year.  Unlike the majority, it's not because of the abundance of Christmas cheer, nor is it the warm glow of family festivities...  Let me cut straight to the chase, I'm purely in it for the SHOES...!

You can keep the rest of that other nonsense, just point me in the right direction of a shoe shop with a big red 50% off sale sign in the window and I'm as happy as a clam....actually, make that this seasons crimbo centipede adorned with 100 pairs of super sparkling high heeled beauties in all their fa-marvelousness...!

Luckily some sales have already started.  My favourite store to hit in the weeks approaching Christmas is Dune.  Their shoes are gorgeous, they are really well made and comfortable.

Below are my festive faves...!

OLT TOP TIP:  For you ladies (or men, I ain't gonna judge...!), when buying heels on the high street get both of those suckers straight out of the box and put them on the counter.  Gently push the side of each shoe right at the back, if they rock from side to side or even worse, if the heels look skewed or don't even need a push to start 'em rocking - ask for a new pair...or a discount...!

Rocking shoes are not acceptable.  Firstly they make the shoes look cheap and secondly they will cause issues as they will be harder to walk in which will result in the shoes feeling less comfortable as you will be over-compensating with every-single-glamour-puss-step you take in order to make those shoes land just right so you don't end up looking like a wonkey donkey...!


  1. Great tips - thanks ladies! Will def push those heels next time I shop!! x

  2. No problem, Its a tip all ladies need to know! xx


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