Thursday, 15 December 2011

On The 10th Day of Christmas My True Love Gave To Me...?

Ten fabulous dresses and a coat aswell!!!!  Okay, okay, so that won't happen and is in fact, a big fat humongous lie, but a girl can dream....well she can, can't she...?

The high street has some delightful dresses in-store at the moment, which are just patiently waiting to be picked like ripe fabric fruit...!

As there are only 10 days to go, below are the dresses which have come at the top of our Christmas list for Santa.  However, to mix things up a bit, we have decided to pick our individual Top 5 making a yuletide Top 10 for you lovely Lovettes to feast your eyes upon.

It's okay, no need to thank us....this is what we love to do...!

"The Wonderful Winners"

We ♥ The Early Sales…

Us Nardettes love a bargain so we're delighted that the sales have started earlier than usual this year and with the beauty of the internet we don’t have to leave our homes fighting with the elements OR risk being caught in a savage-sales-stampede!  Being the kind souls we are, we have trawled through our fav online high street shops and hunted out the best bargain for you – you had better hurry as they are bound to be out of stock quickly!!

Office was £100 NOW £20

Love love love these...!  They are the perfect winter ankle boots with a low heel and special enough to be worn everyday!! Would look great with skinny jeans and your faux fur.

OLT Tip – Not to be worn with your leather jacket, don’t want to look like cow road kill! (‘’,)

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Happy Heely Days...!

O kay so there are just 12 more days left until Christmas, it's just soooo exciting...!

A few people already know that this has got to be my favourite time of the year.  Unlike the majority, it's not because of the abundance of Christmas cheer, nor is it the warm glow of family festivities...  Let me cut straight to the chase, I'm purely in it for the SHOES...!

You can keep the rest of that other nonsense, just point me in the right direction of a shoe shop with a big red 50% off sale sign in the window and I'm as happy as a clam....actually, make that this seasons crimbo centipede adorned with 100 pairs of super sparkling high heeled beauties in all their fa-marvelousness...!

Luckily some sales have already started.  My favourite store to hit in the weeks approaching Christmas is Dune.  Their shoes are gorgeous, they are really well made and comfortable.

Below are my festive faves...!

Monday, 12 December 2011

Christmas Party, Hmmm What to Wear?! What to Wear...!

o if I am going to be honest I am pretty bored of buying everyone else Christmas pressies (yes I know Christmas is the time for giving blah blah blah) but I think I deserve a gift from me too AND especially as I’ve been a very good girl this year, so what better way than to treat myself to a Christmas Party outfit.

Anyway here are a few ideas I had, might help you choose your perfect Christmas Party outfit too (see my Christmas spirit is back! hehe!)

Vintage Inspired...

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


E bony black sequin cardigan, stunning and warm! The perfect little pick me up on these autumn/winter days.

Ebony can be purchased on our Ebay Shop.  She will be listed as a 7 day auction item starting on 06.12.11 with super low starting price of £3 .49

Get bidding Lovettes, this one is not to be missed...! 


Check out our items for sale in the OLT shop

Sunday, 4 December 2011



Welcome to Oooh, Love That...!  Grab a cuppa, or whatever your favourite tipple is, and peruse our blog posts.  You can view items and read our thoughts and ideas on them and also purchase anything that is for sale which particularly takes your fancy!!!

We are sisters and have come up with this plan to post outfit ideas to showcase our lovely unique finds and offer you the chance to have them in your very own collection...!

We may look completely different and be different sizes but we will show how most of our items can be rocked in a more than presentable fashion by anyone of any size...!  That is what Oooh, Love That...! is all about, fashion made simple for all sizes and all looks.

Carissa is the pretty, cutesy and edgier one, think effortless, pretty and well put together and Miss T is the racier more in your face of the two, think short skirts, low tops and high heels (and often all at the same time! **gasp!!**).  That said, we can wear the exact same thing and just rock it completely differently...this was evident when we went out a few weeks ago when we went out for a night on the town and then swapped outfits halfway through.  It was so much fun we think we'll be doing that more often...probably not during one of the short skirt-low top-high heeled combos...Carissa does not approve of those quite so much...!

Where we differ in appearance we certainly make up for it in personality, we both love a laugh and think the other is probably one of the funniest people we know as there are often huge belly laughs, tears and everything whenever we get on the phone and it's worse in person...!

Another area where we are identical is in our LOVE OF SHOPPING!!  Neither of us can ever bear to leave a great find behind... which is evident from our bulging cupboards and drawers - and not to mention the amount of boxes that we both seem to have...!

We are ever so glad that you have dropped by and we hope that you will enjoy our new blog.

If you like what you see and want to be kept up to date with what's going on - remember, you can always Follow Us so you don't miss a thing...!


V alerie beautiful embroidered jacket, the detail on this jacket is amazing! Not much to look at on the manni but looks gorgeous on.

Valerie can be purchased on our Ebay Shop.  She will be listed as a 7 day auction item starting on 05.12.11 with super low starting price of £4 .95

Get bidding Lovettes, this one is bound to be popular...!



S asha you foxy piece! originally from Topshop Reko range. Sasha fits beautifully and keeps Leopard print classy.

Sasha can be purchased on our Ebay Shop.  She will be listed as a 7 day auction item starting on 05.12.11 with low starting price of £6 .95

Get bidding Lovettes, this one is bound to be popular...!


Check out our items for sale in the OLT shop

...Miss Razzle Dazzle

iss Razzle Dazzle is my favourite in our Friday Night Floozy collection.

We currently have a full blown addiction to vintage sequin tops!  Sequin tops are so easy to wear especially if you are not feeling inspired but still want to look amazing! Team up with a plain black mini and tights or black skinny jeans and heels. Keep the accessories to a minimum and let the sparkling sequins shine for the perfect night out outfit xx
Miss Razzle Dazzle can be purchased from the OLT shop

Saturday, 3 December 2011


G oldie you beauty! Gorgeous little black jacket with gold thread. Perfect when you want a little cover up.

Goldie can be purchased from the OLT shop


F oxanne is a sexy gorgeous little red silk leopard print bodysuit, you'll turn heads in this piece...!
Foxanne can be purchased on our Ebay Shop.  She will be listed as a 7 day auction item starting on 05.12.11 with super low starting price of £4 .95

Get bidding Lovettes, this one is bound to be popular...!


Check out our items for sale in the OLT shop

Friday, 2 December 2011

...Charlie Lo

Charlie Lo is a super cute vintage jumper, the flower motif the teeny little pearl bud is just darling. A must for your winter wardrobe.

Charlie Lo can be purchased from the OLT shop


R aven the divine black little vintage sequin number, she is so easy to wear and looks super flattering, super sparkly and super SUPER on!

Raven can be purchased  from the OLT shop

Thursday, 1 December 2011

We ♥ Christmas

Soooooo excited about Christmas this year!! Here are some of our favorite Christmassy bits...

I loooooove these vintage Christmas tree baubles, very girly! (I think I recognise a few of them from our mums Christmas tree when growing up!)

These linen decorations are really simple but affective, great for you shabby chic lovers out there!

How cute are these fabric Christmas tree decorations...

When you just don't have the space for a xmas tree, or are far too cool...

Monday, 28 November 2011

Being Mum and Me

owdy howdy how-dy! (just a little quote from my sons favourite film Toy Story) So being a busy mum of a 2 year old boy doesn’t really leave much time for getting ready in the morning, I have 30 mins max (shower included) before my son loses interest in whatever he is doing and destroys the house or quotes one of my favourite saying ‘right I’m off to the park to feed the ducks without you’!  however apart from my rare ‘scruff days’ I always try to make an effort, I’m not talking my best glad rags and heels but just enough to make sure I feel good about the way I look, I think us mums owe it to ourselves, you were a ‘me’ before a mum. I often get asked how I have the time to put together an outfit with a toddler so here are a few tips…

Sunday, 6 November 2011

...Dallas / Disco Diva...?

D ivine is one word that describes this piece that we recently stumbled across.  What a little gem this is...!  It is a gorgeous black and silver stretch satin Disco Diva top.  This definitely deserves to become a part of our Friday Night Floozy range...!

If you fancy adding this item to your collection then click on our Ebay Shop and place a bid for this item which is listed as an auction for 10 days starting 05.12.11. for a ridiculously low starting price of £4. 99!


Thursday, 3 November 2011

We ♥ Shoes

Hot on your heels...!  I'm so hot on heels and always looking for yet another new pair to add to my collection...!

Carissa is more of a comfort and style kinda gal, me - well I'm talking heels (very high heels), glitz and glam.  The whole 9 yards!!!

I have a feeling posting on this topic will be my baby and I'm pleased with that.  Any excuse to buy, try and highlight beautiful beautiful shoes!  Oh how I love'em so!!!