Bags, Broaches and Boxes...!

Bags, Broaches and Boxes....!  Yep, we love 'm and as my lil sis has mentioned, we both love and have way too many bags, boxes and broaches.  But what is a girl supposed to do when she has an eye for such things, a house full of items and has a well honed knack for finding more....?

Well we thought we could still satisfy our need to purchase these beautiful items and offer you the chance to add them to your collection or maybe start a new one of your own.  Carissa and I are always after converts, you can become a  BBBBuddy (",)

All of our items for sale can be purchased on our OLT Shop, so please feel free to take a look.  All of our jewellery is delivered in divine purple velvet pouches and make the perfect stylish present.

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