Friday Night Floozy...!

Friday Night Floozy is for the inner magpie in you.  Here at OLT it has nothing to do with loose morals etc, although when purchasing these fabulous items for your pleasure, our morals do become somewhat blurred - but that's all...!  Although that said, I suppose there is an awful lot of street walking going on...but only the shopping kind and only so we can make those Friday nights, or any night for that matter, heaps brighter, more beautiful with a little elegance and of course sparkle.

We love anything glittery, sequined, beaded or just plain fabulous...!  Us Nardettes both have a fair few pieces in our wardrobes but we wanted to share the opportunity for you to own one or more of these unique pieces.

FNF items can be purchased from our OLT Shop.  Also don't forget you can always click here to view any of our other Floozy'esque posts.