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Carissa ♥

Hiya! My name is Carissa (not to be mistaken for Clarissa, ooh it makes me mad and you wouldn’t like me when I’m mad – hehe just kidding!) I was born in the 80’s “the 80’s!” and love collecting anything that glitters – yes just like a magpie! You will usually find me running shouting ‘the mummy tickle monster is going to get ya’ to my gorgeous (if I must say so myself) 2yr old son, my first love x

My second love ♥ oooh, I love… shopping for unusual vintage pieces, its actually my hobby and I hate leaving any finds behind as according to my fiance (no date set, watch this space) I have enough, clothes, shoes, bags, broaches and BOXES! This is why Miss Tama and I came up with the idea of buying pieces we just couldn’t bear to leave behind and showcases them for all to enjoy.

Oooh, I love… my sis! It’s a bit sad I know, but its great having a sister who is also your best friend, she is the funniest person I know, and is always making me laugh until the running mascara stings my eyes! it’s been great starting OLT with Miss Tama especially as we both share a passion for hunting vintage pieces, she is my perfect shopping partner. So I hope you enjoy our little blog and what I like to think of as our extended wardrobe to you x

Miss T

Well, after that little (nope, it wasn't little at all was it!) introduction from my lil sis, I feel like it is a hard act to I'll just do my own thing! (",)

I am the older sister and would like to say that as I am the wiser of the the two...but I would be lying.  I may be older but I am still young at heart.  I love anything to do with clothes and hair!  My favourite colour is black and I gravitate to items in black as I find them easier to wear.

I enjoy nothing more than seeking out bargains and finding oh so special pieces and I am really pleased that we have decided to take the opportunity to bring these beautiful items to you along with an insight into our fashion finds and ultimate loves!

We hope you'll be saying Oooh, Love That...!



  1. I don't have a lick of fashion sense, but you ladies seem very passionate. I can't wait to see what you have in store for the blog.

  2. Thank you Mrs...!

    We are super excited about OLT and we have lots of ideas and items in store.

    Thanks for following our blog.

    x The Nardettes x


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