Sunday, 5 February 2012

We've Got Something Brand Spanking New To Show You...!

Oooh, we're back...! 

First things first, please accept our apologies for our super long absence from OLT.   We are oh, so very sorry and it won't happen again.

After our first month live with OLT, we had a major rethink about how the shoping element should be incorporated into the blog to make it easier for you Lovettes.

Those of you who follow Oooh, Love That...! and have read our previous posts will know that we started off by selling our items on Ebay.  We've now made the decision to manage a fully dedicated online shop where all of our items for sale will be listed.  Afterall, not everybody has an Ebay account, so our items are now just a few clicks away from being in your wardrobe...!

Our shop launches today so please come along and check out the new OLT Shop and let us know what you think.

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