Thursday, 3 November 2011

We ♥ Shoes

Hot on your heels...!  I'm so hot on heels and always looking for yet another new pair to add to my collection...!

Carissa is more of a comfort and style kinda gal, me - well I'm talking heels (very high heels), glitz and glam.  The whole 9 yards!!!

I have a feeling posting on this topic will be my baby and I'm pleased with that.  Any excuse to buy, try and highlight beautiful beautiful shoes!  Oh how I love'em so!!!

The first picture is one of my most recent purchases.  Her name is Lois and she is from TopShop - Oh and did I mention that she is fa-marvelous!!!  Yes, my own new word for shoes that are way too marvelous to be just fabulous!!!

We will be showcasing some real beauties on Oooh, Love That...! so keep checking in on the blog. We will also sell a few nearly new pairs via our Ebay Shop for any unique items that become available.  And if you just wanna keep up to date with all our posts on the fa-marvelousnes that is our posts on shoes well just click here for some shoe porn...!

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