Sunday, 6 November 2011

...Dallas / Disco Diva...?

D ivine is one word that describes this piece that we recently stumbled across.  What a little gem this is...!  It is a gorgeous black and silver stretch satin Disco Diva top.  This definitely deserves to become a part of our Friday Night Floozy range...!

If you fancy adding this item to your collection then click on our Ebay Shop and place a bid for this item which is listed as an auction for 10 days starting 05.12.11. for a ridiculously low starting price of £4. 99!


Miss T Says:
I absolutely adore this top!!! The size is a 14 but I can easily wear it teamed with skinny jeans or a tube skirt and of course a pair of heels. 

Personally for me, although I love it, I would be tempted to undo the stitching at the front to give this top a serious plunging neckline!  I would then be in this top every single weekend cos I would have to keep it for myself.  It can easily be altered without damaging the fabric, all you need is a seam ripper and a steady hand.

Carissa Says:
Lady T (if I can call you 'lady' with your deep plunging neckline!) I like to think less is more, this top is stunning enough and already a head turner, I think with the plunging neckline, heads will be turning for the wrong reasons! Lov'ettes I would love to hear what you think? To plunge or not to plunge, that is the question?

Can I also say that I love that this top can be worn by a skinny mini and curvy girlie!

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