Monday, 28 November 2011

Being Mum and Me

owdy howdy how-dy! (just a little quote from my sons favourite film Toy Story) So being a busy mum of a 2 year old boy doesn’t really leave much time for getting ready in the morning, I have 30 mins max (shower included) before my son loses interest in whatever he is doing and destroys the house or quotes one of my favourite saying ‘right I’m off to the park to feed the ducks without you’!  however apart from my rare ‘scruff days’ I always try to make an effort, I’m not talking my best glad rags and heels but just enough to make sure I feel good about the way I look, I think us mums owe it to ourselves, you were a ‘me’ before a mum. I often get asked how I have the time to put together an outfit with a toddler so here are a few tips…

Key pieces – I won’t lie my wardrobe is crammed full of clothes, shoes and handbags but this can sometimes make the decision on what to wear quickly all the more difficult! (I tend to save these for the weekend when I have more time to get ready) I find that during the week when we are just doing play dates, playgroups, lunches and mini days out I tend to wear these key pieces…

A pair of skinny jeans, my white converse classics, converse are not for everyone so swap these for a comfy pair of pumps, Or A pair of low heeled ankle boots, make sure these are extra special as a pick me up on these autumn/winter months…. Bottom half sorted! 

I am in love with oversized chunky cable knit cardigans, they are easy to wear, warm and you can always add a little vintage broach to make yours unique (take a look at our BBB)

For lunch out a good blazer is crucial! Tweed, pin stripped even a sequin one played down with jeans will look fab!

AND ACCESSORIES! These are the key!  Pretty scarves, a chunky ring, a striking nail polish, a pair of dangly earrings (obviously not all together, we are not doing a Pat Butcher here!) these are what make all the difference! Don’t be afraid to wear your Friday night earrings with your Monday knit! xxx

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  1. Nobody would ever believe that It only takes you 30mins to get ready...!

    You ALWAYS look so lovely and put great combo's together. I think having a good base wardrobe embellished with great must have accessories is the key to doing what you do so well.

    I love that you always look like you've made an effort and its not just your son that leaves the house looking great...!



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